Father Abay Melese was heinously stoned to death while he was going home after mass -on March 23, 2023, in Addis Ababa, Furi area, while @AbiyAhmedAli's regime's security forces were watching. #StoptheGenocideinEthiopia Click To Tweet @AbiyAhmedAli's regime is driving a nation of 120+ million to the brink of a full-blown humanitarian disaster due to its total disregard for the most fundamental principles of int’l human rights & humanitarian law. #StoptheGenocideinEthiopia Click To Tweet Since the @AbiyAhmedAli's regime took hold of power in Ethiopia, systematic & extensive bloody massacres, despicable atrocities, forced displacements & disappearances are daily nightmares for millions of Orthodox Christians. #StoptheGenocideinEthiopia Click To Tweet @AbiyAhmedAli's gov led religious repression against Orthodox Christians continues in the form of property confiscation & destruction, incitement of ethnic and religious-based hatred, imprisonment, beatings, torture & murder of religious figures.… Click To Tweet Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia are under siege every day due to @AbiyAhmedAli's divisive policies and the regime's coordinated intention to destroy the oldest Christian faith in the world. #StopReligiousGenocideinEthiopia Click To Tweet Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia are targeted for mass killings, displacement, arbitrary detentions, and physical & psychological abuse by the gov't of @AbiyAhmeAli, and the cronies of the regime. #StopReligiousGenocideinEthiopia Click To Tweet Orthodox Christians are being denied by the gov't of @AbiyAhmedAli the basic rights to worship, life, liberty and security. #StopReligiousGenocideinEthiopia #EOTCunderAttack Click To Tweet In Ethiopia, since @AbiyAhmedAli became Prime Minister in 2018, millions have perished, and millions have been forcefully displaced in a silent or hidden campaign of genocide. No one is taking responsibility and no action is being taken to mitigate the situation. Click To Tweet Though a silent or hidden campaign of genocide is apparently taking place in Ethiopia, for every incident of attack, the federal and the Oromia Regional govs manifest utter indifference, turning a blind eye and deaf ears. #StopReligiousGenocideinEthiopia #EOTCunderAttack Click To Tweet In the recurrent ethnic and religion-based attacks happening in the Oromia Region, the Oromia Region Special Forces were several times reported to have directly perpetrated atrocities and crimes against humanity as witnessed by victim-survivors. #StopReligiousGenocideinEthiopia Click To Tweet The World should know – a silent or hidden campaign of genocide is happening in Ethiopia and is worsening, widening, taking another dimension, and gripping big towns and cities, including Addis Ababa. #StopReligiousGenocideinEthiopia #EOTCunderAttack Click To Tweet #EOTCunderAttack: A government-backed, coordinated, and deliberate attack against the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) and fellow Christians is unfolding before our eyes. The International Community should act to #StopReligiousGenocideinEthiopia Click To Tweet On Mar 2, 2023, on the commemoration day #Adwa127, ETH gov security forces fired tear gases and bullets at a large congregation of EOTC Christians gathered at the St George Church in Addis Ababa, worshipping and celebrating the annual feast day of Saint George. #EOTCunderAttack Click To Tweet